The Leadership Pathway

Available in 2021




Time Commitment


Starts on 20210212


Commercial Leadership

You’ll develop key skills to understand the levers that
drive organisational value, how they are interconnected, and use P&L Statements to find opportunities to drivei mpact in everyday work.

  • Building a Value-Based Business Model
  • The Key Drivers of Organisational Value
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers

10 hrs online over 5 days

Starts on 20210304


Leading with Integrity

Deepen your understanding of how you approach the world, how that differs from others and effectively leverage this diversity to enrich your life, your career and the world. You’ll gain self awareness using tools like the Team Management Profile, and turn insights into improved leadership of self and others.

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Managing Time & Energy
  • Leading Yourself in a Remote Organisation
  • Emotional Intelligence

8 hrs: 4 online sessions of 2 hrs each

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Our Founder

I believe that those of us who are privileged enough to be educated, healthy, and part of powerful networks should not be doing easy things. The only way to justify our privilege is to do the hard things that society demands of us — to solve tough problems and create opportunities for others. I launched The Room to bring the most ambitious ‘doers’ together to do these hard things that will change the world. I welcome you to be a part of our story and join this global community as we make history together.

Fred Swaniker

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