Leading with Integrity

Deepen your understanding of how you approach the world, how that differs from others and effectively leverage this diversity to enrich your life, your career and the world. You’ll gain self awareness using tools like the Team Management Profile, and turn insights into improved leadership of self and others.



March 4, 2021


8 hrs: 4 online sessions of 2 hrs each


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Underpinning this series is the notion that “leadership” and “integrity” go hand-in-hand. There are many definitions of leadership, but most of them boil down to that of an individual being able inspire others to follow him or her in implementing a set of ideas or activities. The concept of “inspiration” encompasses creativity, empowerment, engagement, fairness, social benefit, higher purpose, transformative change, moral and ethical values…in short, integrity.

Leaders often have to manage businesses in a world stifled by regulations which can overwhelm entrepreneurship with red tape and corruption. It is an unlevel playing field in which even the best-intentioned companies may encounter uncompetitive practices.

As leaders, how can you maintain your company’s reputation and your personal values in such a challenging business environment? How can you create a viable and profitable business without compromising on your values? How can you do business with integrity and persuade others to go along with you? How can you contribute to creating a more fair, equitable and transparent society?

Our Masterclass facilitator, Brook Horowitz, will discuss the critical moral dilemmas which are faced by business leaders at one time or another in their careers. Supported by three special guests with decades of professional experience in Africa, Brook will present the key principles ​of doing business with integrity: how we behave towards, and interact with, colleagues, customers, shareholders, regulators and the broader society in which our companies operate.


The objective of this interactive workshop is to help the participants to:

  • Understand the definition of business integrity, its relationship to leadership, and why it is important today;
  • Bring core values, ethics, and good governance into the company’s – and its leadership’s – way of operating;
  • Deal with unethical business practices within the company and in its markets;
  • Contribute to strengthening business integrity in local markets and broader society.

With this series, participants will be well placed to significantly enhance their corporate and personal ethical brand which will enable them to develop new commercial strategies for their companies and personal opportunities for themselves. This Masterclass Series should raise participants to a leadership class of their own.


Module 1

Business Integrity - An Introduction

March 4, 2021


This module delves into the risks – real and perceived –  of unethical business practices and why it is so important to deal with them on the spot and not to allow them to fester.

  • What are the financial, reputational and human costs of not properly addressing integrity issues?
  • What are the benefits of doing business with integrity?
  • What does ethical leadership teach us about ourselves?
Module 2

Red Flags in the Workplace

March 11, 2021


With hindsight, many corporate scandals could have been prevented had attention been paid to red flags in the workplace. Sometimes, even if they are detected, red flags may be in grey areas where their meaning is unclear or ambiguous.

  • How do we structure our organizations to manage such risks?
  • How do we turn our company into an “island of integrity”?
  • How do we persuade our colleagues to espouse the same values as us?

Chief Loretta Aniagolu

Our special guest is Chief Loretta Aniagolu, Chair and CEO of FIT Group of Companies Ltd (Nigeria). She will share her experience of combining a culture of compliance and entrepreneurship in the companies she has run.

Module 3

Ethical Dilemmas

March 18, 2021


Leaders frequently face ethical dilemmas involving employees, business partners, government officials and others. Often, the people contravening the company’s rules or code of conduct are not even aware that they are doing it. Even if they are aware, they may put their heads in the sand – a classic example of ethical blindness.

  • How do we resolve ethical dilemmas?
  • How do we avoid ethical blindness?
  • How do we reward and incentivize “doing the right thing”?

Marie Englesson

Our special guest is Marie Englesson, Entrepreneur, Chair of BeautyClick (Kenya) and author of “Among Friends and Fraudsters”, a new book on building an honest business in a high-risk market. She will share insights about her experience of setting up and running a business in Tanzania and the ethical dilemmas she encountered there.

Module 4

Ethical Business - Social Impact

March 25, 2021


There is increasing attention being paid to the role of business in resolving social, economic and environmental challenges. The commitment of the company to “purpose” in addition to, and maybe even instead of, “profit” is increasingly being demanded by shareholders, consumers and employees.

  • How do the principles and moral values of the leader reflect on his or her ability to satisfy the expectations of stakeholders as much as shareholders?
  • What precisely is the role of business as an agent of social change?
  • How should we business leaders ally ourselves to, and cooperate with, the public sector and civil society to advance our commercial and societal goals?

Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu

Our special guest is Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu, advisor to the President of Nigeria on Justice Reform and International Relations with special focus on anti-corruption and asset recovery. She will share her insights into how government and business, working collectively, can have a tangible and beneficial impact on social development.


Training sessions are designed to be interactive, practical and engaging. We minimize lecturing and maximize learning by involving the participants in active discussion of case studies, sharing of experience in small groups, role playing and analysis.

Best for

Senior executives, managers and leaders who want to enhance their personal and corporate brand and create an engaged, productive team and ethical organizational culture.

About the HOST

Brook Horowitz

Brook Horowitz is CEO of IBLF Global and Business Integrity Advisor to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in ASEAN.

A graduate of Cambridge University and a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard, he was part of the team that led GE’s expansion in Eastern Europe during the nineties, living and working in Moscow and Budapest. In 2004 he joined the International Business Leaders Forum, a Prince of Wales charity devoted to promoting corporate sustainability in emerging and developing markets.

In 2014, he co-founded IBLF Global, an NGO promoting responsible business through collective action. From 2013-2015, he played a variety of leadership roles in the B20, a multi-stakeholder dialogue between the companies and governments of the G20 countries. Currently, he is advising UNDP on the creation of a new business integrity Hub in ASEAN.

He has written several policy and strategy papers for governments and companies and is the author of opinion pieces in the Financial Times, the New York Times, and other publications. He is the co-author of three business integrity toolkits, and has lectured and provided training on business integrity for companies and governments in Europe and Asia.

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