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In our increasingly online world, the most powerful relationships will still be built in person. Our clubhouses are inspiring places around the world where you can unwind around a meal or have drinks with game-changers and find exciting unadvertised opportunities.

Drive the change

Host your own events

Host a problem-solving session for your startup. Convene a brainstorming session to help you crack a problem you’re facing at work. Organize a fun evening for your book club, favourite charity, or friend’s birthday. Host a debate on a topic you’re passionate about. The space is yours to make.

Enjoy inspiring programming

Each clubhouse will have an exciting roster of talks, conferences, pitch festivals, problem-solving sessions, “needs and leads” sessions, performances, wine tastings, game nights, and so much more. Participate, get inspired, and forge new collaborations that can catapult your ambitions.


The Room Global Summit

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Women's Retreat



The Havana Jazz Festival

Havana, Cuba

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Our Founder

For the last 15 years, my work has focused on connecting talented individuals to opportunity – especially opportunities that change the world. The organizations I have founded have collectively impacted over 30,000 talented individuals from around the world. From this work, I have seen how the right opportunity, at the right time, can accelerate the trajectory of a passionate, driven individual.

I believe that now more than ever, the world’s greatest talent needs a platform that fuels their ambition and accelerates their impact. At The Room, we want to support our members to become the best version of themselves personally and professionally. We want to catalyze collaborations that can change the world. We welcome you to be a part of our story and join this global community of doers and game-changers who will make history.

Fred Swaniker