September 14, 2022 2 MIN Read

Meet Loise Okoro, the International Support Specialist with a Thirst for Growth

Loise Okoro is an agritech degree holder turned Virtual Assistant in The ROOM's talent community. She is also enhancing her skills by training as a Data Analyst.

Loise Okoro is an agritech degree holder turned customer support specialist. Her career began in the nonprofit sector and grew to include roles in sales, tech assistance and customer support, both in her home country of Nigeria and abroad in the United States. She furthered her knowledge in her newfound field of interest by taking our highly competitive administrative training programme. Now, she is a certified Virtual Assistant (VA) and upcoming Data Analyst in The ROOM‘s talent community working to pay it forward by creating her own platform to equip and empower other aspiring VAs.

What is one ‘Hard Thing’ you’re working on right now?

One of the hard things I’m working on is learning Data Analysis to enhance my Virtual Assistant skills. I have a strong growth mindset and am open to quickly learning and adapting to new environments. The ROOM’s talent community has pushed me to go the extra mile, and with this push, I believe I will succeed in whatever I desire to achieve.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is completing the online Virtual Assistant programme successfully and becoming a Fellow at The ROOM. When I first saw the VA course advertised on Facebook, I had doubts in the efficiency of online training. As a curious learner, I took the leap of faith and applied to see what the programme was about and what opportunities could come from it. It was a lengthy and thorough application process, but I passed and was accepted into the programme. I’m so happy I took the bold step to apply, and I’m so glad I didn’t give up along the way. My doubts about the efficacy of online training were proved wrong, as my peers and I have been successfully trained in the intensive programme to become professional Virtual Assistants.

What is one lesson failure has taught you?

Failure has taught me that not rising up to continue after failing is the primary failure. Now, giving up is not even an option, but rising and persisting until I win will always be my goal.

How do you aim to make a difference through your work and add value to the world?

I aspire to hone my Virtual Assistant skills and venture into entrepreneurship and VA training, expanding my offerings across many companies. I also want to give back to my community and pay it forward by centralising access to VAs via my website and training professional Virtual Assistants free of charge.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Before you leave this world, make sure you leave a good mark on the sands of time.

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