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How we train Software Engineering

12 months at 70 hours/week

Sprint 1: The Basics

Understanding programming languages and Unix systems work to see “what is going on under the hood”

Sprint 2: Learn and Create

Creating a complete web service from databases, back-end, and an amazing front-end website with the latest technologies

Sprint 3: Begin DevOps Journey

Beginning the Devops journey by building web infrastructure similar to the ones powering tech powerhouses like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google

Sprint 4: Prepare for Employment

After the foundations, completing a career sprint program to better prepare for the real life complexities of employment in our world today

Sprint 5: Choose Specialisation

Choosing area of specialization in one of these fields- Front-end web development, Back-end web development, Devops & Machine learning

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We’re tapping into new sources of abundant talent

We are training a breed of world-class, outstanding talent in Africa and connecting them to opportunities that allow them to create impact through their expertise.


Today, the world has about 26 million Software Developers and only 700,000 are African. However, Africa is the youngest continent in the world with an average age of 19 and will make up 40% of the global population by the end of the century. Additionally, by 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world with a population size of 1.1 billion.

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