October 17, 2022 2 MIN Read

Top 5 Insights on the Rise of Remote Work That Will Surprise You

As more companies explore the possibilities that remote work can offer, we bring you five insights on the rise of remote work that will surprise you.

The past two years have brought remote work to the forefront of conversations in global workspaces. Teams are finding innovative ways to work together and deliver on set goals even when they are thousands of miles apart.

As more companies explore the possibilities that remote work can offer, we bring you five insights on the rise of remote work that will surprise you:

1. Increased Productivity

A study published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business on the impacts of remote work on productivity showed that employees who worked from home were 13% more productive. Subsequently, they improved business outcomes for their company by 22% at the end of the study when over half of them were given the option to work from home. 

2. Higher Remote Work Adoption Rates

According to statistics, the number of people who work remotely has grown by 159%! This has been attributed to the growth and adoption of technology that enables people to work from anywhere. Additionally, the recent pandemic has challenged companies to reimagine the present and future of work, offering employees more work opportunities across the globe and companies with more diverse talent.

3. Benefits to the Environment

Besides the benefits remote work offers organisations and their employees, studies by Global Workplace Analytics show that it is good for the environment too. By reducing an average of 40 minutes of commute time for employees, 54 million tons of greenhouse gases are reduced. This is estimated to be the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road.

4. Millenials Will Give It All to Work Remotely

As the rising majority of the workforce, millennials are shaping the new world of work. One of the expectations they have of employers today is the ability to have flexible working conditions, especially through remote work. In fact, CBRE’s Live Work Play report shows that 67% of millennials are willing to exchange traditional work benefits for the flexibility of remote work. This can be attributed to the fact that millennials care about happiness at work, and work-life balance is important to them.

5. Financial Benefits

Evidently, the lifeblood of every business is money. If there were no financial gains from remote work, it wouldn’t have come this far. Businesses are able to cut costs when they adopt this new way of work. Research conducted in the US estimates that for every half-time employee that works remotely, employers can save about $11,000 every year. Small businesses in particular can benefit significantly from remote workers as they can reduce spending on things such as utilities and rent.

Tap Into The Benefits of Remote Work

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