Technovation: leveraging frugal tech to solve Africa's greatest challenges

Naadiya Moosajee

75 minutes with Q&A


22 June 2022





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Innovation in tech by Naadiya moosajee

About the TOPIC

Technovation: leveraging frugal tech to solve Africa’s greatest challenges

This Masterclass is a meeting point for all young Africans interested in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Naadiya Moosajee, a serial entrepreneur by passion, an engineer by training, and Co-Founder at WomHub, an incubator for women-owned STEM businesses, will challenge us to think differently about ”technovation” in Africa.

Naadiya is an advocate for equitable technology and fostering prosperity in emerging economies. In this exclusive session powered by The ROOM, she will address the simple brilliance that is frugal technology and share the opportunities it presents for leapfrogging Africa’s developmental challenges.

Join us on 22nd June to learn more about the opportunities available to leverage frugal technology and use it to catalyse innovation on the continent. This session is valuable for anyone in the technology industry as well as anyone interested in innovation and development. Register now to ensure that you do not miss out on this insightful virtual event

About the Instructor

Naadiya Moosajee

WomEng & WomHub Co-Founder

Naadiya is a serial entrepreneur by passion, an engineer by training. She is Co-Founder at WomHub, a boutique advisory firm and incubator supporting clients reach diversity and inclusion & building future talent pipelines as well as working with female founders to support growth of women owned STEM businesses.

She serves as the Chief Innovator with her focus being on entrepreneurship, gender, future skills and the future of work, AI and cybersecurity. WomHub has built the first female founder innovation space in Africa. Naadiya co-founded WomEng, a global social enterprise developing women and girls for engineering and tech. She is also the Co-Founder of Cybherfence – a cybersecurity firm looking to keep people safer online by understanding vulnerability to cyber threats.

She was a Co-Chair for the Saudi Arabia B20 Task Force on the Future of Work and Education and the B20 Italy special taskforce on women empowerment & B20 Indonesia Taskforce for Women Empowerment. She is venture partner at Five35 Ventures, a pan African venture capital fund investing in women in tech businesses across Africa.

Naadiya serves as an independent board director at the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation, a Trustee of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, A member of the Expert Council for the Aspen New Voices Fellowship and is an emeritus board director for the International Youth Foundation, the former chair of the board at the TQMF trust and board member at Pegasys Strategy and Development.

She also serves as an advisory board member for the University of Cape Town Faculty of Engineering, and was a Global Future Council Member with the World Economic Forum: Gender, Education and the Future of Work. She was a global shaper with the World Economic Forum and Curator of the Cape Town Hub.

Naadiya co-owns a successful restaurant group in Cape Town designing and building out the business for 3 restaurants.

She is a renowned speaker and was named “Top 20 Young Power Women in Africa” by Forbes Magazine as well as one of the top people in tech in Africa by Los Echos (the French version of the Financial Times).

She has worked across 26 countries to revolutionise the face of engineering through diversity, inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship and education leaving no one behind in a tech-enabled future. She is passionate about cybersecurity, equitable technology, fostering prosperity in emerging economies and engineering better societies.

You can track her and her initiatives via the following:

Twitter: @NaadiyaMoosajee
LinkedIn: NaadiyaMoosajee
Instagram: NaadiyaMoosajee

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