The Boardwalk | A Two-Part Masterclass Series

Series 2: Board Effectiveness & Composition

Keamogetse “Moula” Mokhobo-Amegashie

Guest Speakers – Serame Taukobong, Joseline Kateeba & Edward Effah

75 minutes with Q&A


September 22, 2021


16:00 PM GMT



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    About the TOPIC

    Board Effectiveness & Composition

    There is agreement effective, high performing and efficient functioning boards depend on the quality, experience and skill set of the Chairperson, individual board members, capabilities on board committees and the overall board composition. Global trends demonstrate the importance of inclusivity and representation (age, race, gender, nationality, technical skillset etc).

    In response to dynamic environmental, social, political trends and evolving governance practices there is increased pressure on boards to be both diverse and inclusive in order for them to best respond to ever changing market trends.

    In leading an effective Board of Directors, the Chairman has a responsibility to not only ensure that the views of all members are expressed but also that actions are carried out in line with clear decisions. He/she plays an intermediary role between the Board and Executive management and is tasked with leading by example acting as both supporter and/or challenger of the latter.

    To this end it is imperative that the board Chairman leads a board that is able to attract best in class independent non-executive directors.

    About the Instructor

    Keamogetse “Moula” Mokhobo-Amegashie

    Moula has more than 25 years broad consulting experience working for global professional service firms.

    She is the Managing Partner at Drayton Glendower and leads the Executive Search Capability globally. In addition to her search work in South Africa, she is an expert in the sub Saharan business landscape and has supported clients in a range of industries across the region and internationally. She has partnered with organisations in the public and private sectors, at both Board and senior Executive levels.

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