Carbon Neutrality: This Century’s Biggest Opportunity

Alex Kalanda

75 minutes with Q&A


April 14, 2022





About the TOPIC

Make a Difference while tapping into this century’s biggest business opportunity.

It’s no secret that climate change is affecting our daily lives. Since the industrial revolution and the shift to manufacturing and production, there has been a steady long-term shift in temperatures and weather patterns across the globe. While it is important for every individuals and organisations to contribute to mitigating the accelerators of climate change, the carbon economy is aslo one of this century’s biggest business opportunity. Tackling climate change could unlock a $23tn investment opportunity by 2030 in emerging markets alone, according to 2017 report by International Finance Corporation.

During this Masterclass, Alex Kalanda will take us through the fundamental chemistry and principles that drastically warms our planet and yet present numerous opportunities to build new technologies, draft new policies and create new business models to accelerate our journey to net zero.

Join us as we learn more about how as entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, policymakers, managers and team members in our organisations, we can better position ourselves to act now and make the world a better place. Alex will also guide us through creating 3 actionable steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and shift towards being carbon neutral.

We only have 200 slots available for this event so please register now to ensure that you book your opportunity to attend this exclusive learning session.

About the Instructor

Alex Kalanda

Alex has a background in construction & computer science. He interned with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, admitted at Stanford University as one of 200 most dynamic students across the world in the Technology Entrepreneurship class. He was also selected by Stanford University to attend the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy in 2019 and 2020.

Alex has worked for a Silicon Valley based AI company focusing on strategy and machine learning to stop the spread of COVID-19 by analyzing coughs. 

He is the founder and CEO of Ayambe Talent Solutions with a mission of creating 1 billion work opportunities in Africa by 2050. The startup was one of the 42 chosen globally (one of 3 in Africa) and completed the Israel Masschallenge accelerator in the 2021 cohort currently based in Kigali, Rwanda & Lagos, Nigeria. 

Alex also co-founded Ubuntu Media (aka Ubuntu Radio) and was co-producer of the ALU Podcast that demystified entrepreneurial leadership in Africa, hosting over 40 executives and entrepreneurs from global organizations like Forbes Business Council, Rockefeller Foundation, AGRA, African Development Bank. Other guests were from Fortune 500 companies. Our listeners were from over 100 countries.

Given his passion for nature, his team is also working on tools to accelerate carbon neutrality in less climate-resilient countries.

Alex is a youth advisor for Junior Achievement Worldwide, a mentor to young entrepreneurs at ALU and in the ROOM.

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