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At The Room we connect the world’s most ambitious doers to each other and to opportunities that accelerate their impact, allowing them to do more for the world.

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Pathfinders are at the core of The Room’s impact. We are thought partners, advisors, guides, connectors and the greatest cheerleaders to our members. Through partnering with them to map out their ambitions and connecting them to life-changing opportunities, we put our efforts and passion into helping them build careers that define their legacy. If you are looking to make a difference in someone’s life, then you might just be the pathfinder they need to help them achieve their life’s mission.


What does a Pathfinder do?


We walk alongside our members, identifying areas of personal development, and guiding them through transitional moments of their careers.


We work hard to define where the missions and aspirations of our members align so we can create a space for them to collaborate with each other and become extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.


We give our members the necessary nudge they sometimes need to achieve their dreams.


We encourage our members to share their experiences, opportunities, and expertise with the rest of the community to accelerate the success of everyone within The Room.

Explore the Pathfinder types

What kind of Pathfinder are you?



Set our Young Leaders up for success

As a Career Launch Pathfinder, you will give our current Young Leaders the tools to search for, find and secure their first job. You will also provide support in shaping and instilling the kind of mindsets that help young people manage their expectations for their first jobs and propel their career from the onset.

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Empower our Young Professionals

As a Young Professional Pathfinder, you will work hand-in-hand with our Young Professionals, building their foundation for a career of impact. You will help them navigate various challenges to achieve their life’s missions and aspirations, by giving them the necessary nudge and motivation to propel their growth.

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Transform our members’ lives

Like a talent agent with sports stars and celebrities, you will walk alongside the career of our core members – mid-career professionals who are well-established individuals from various industries. You will support them along the journey of discovering their true meaning in life by giving them the resources to map out their ambitions, setting out a plan and connecting them to opportunities and members in the community that will help them achieve their goals.

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Make an impact at your own pace

Do you want to be part of this exciting adventure but cannot commit to it full time? Join our team of part-time pathfinders and work with your members on a client assignment basis. Take the time to really get to know your clients and work with them to help them become their best selves by pushing the boundaries of what they perceive to be their own limitations.

What our members say about our Pathfinders

My Pathfinder helped me identify opportunities that matched what Cloudline needed at the time. Be it exposure to pitch our first prototype to a diverse audience of technical experts or access to investors within his network that have since come on board and allowed us to exceed our pre-seed fundraising goals.

Spencer HorneFounder - Cloudline

What is it like to work here?

Six reasons to join The Room Team

1. A chance to make history

Never lie awake at night wondering what the point is: catalyze global change by partnering with the world’s most ambitious doers to accelerate their impact and yours.

6. Rise by lifting others

Fulfill your own purpose by helping others develop and reach their full potential.

5. Flexibility at its best

Work wherever you want in the world. Our Ways of Working allow ultimate flexibility and are intentionally designed for success.

2. Work alongside exceptional talent

Join a vibrant community of talented, fun and ambitious individuals from all corners of the world. Make connections beyond work.

3. Develop your next level of autonomy

We believe in ownership and accountability but we empower you to be bold & disruptive.

4. Endless opportunities for growth

We uphold high standards and provide opportunities for growth that will challenge you in all the positive ways possible.

Become a Pathfinder

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Our Founder

I believe that those of us who are privileged enough to be educated, healthy, and part of powerful networks should not be doing easy things. The only way to justify our privilege is to do the hard things that society demands of us — to solve tough problems and create opportunities for others. I launched The Room to bring the most ambitious ‘doers’ together to do these hard things that will change the world. I welcome you to be a part of our story and join this global community as we make history together.

Fred Swaniker

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