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The ROOM is excited to bring you highly skilled talent from across the globe – rigorously vetted and trained freelance software engineers, data analysts, cloud developers, and web developers.

Vetted for YOU. Custom to YOU. Working for YOU.

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The ROOM is Part of ALG, Which has Placed Talent at These Companies Over the Last 15 Years

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Full Stack Software Engineers

Highly skilled engineers rigorously trained in web, app, and software development; both front-end, back-end, and development operations.

Cloud Developers

Develop, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications. Hire freelance cloud developers to analyze customer needs, design solutions, and debug systems.

Web Developers

Our full stack web developers are standing by to build your website or update an existing site.

Data Analysts

Trusted, meticulous data analysts do painstaking research, update spreadsheets, annotate data, and pull numbers for reporting. Helping you to interpret data to solve business-specific problems.

Top Talent, Fast

Talent as a Service means The ROOM connects you with the talent you need faster than traditional hiring, eliminates costly HR overhead, and provides you flexibility.

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Top Talent on Demand

Top 5% of Tech Talent

Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Cloud and Web Developers have undergone a rigorous vetting process that screens for a can-do attitude, resilience, and ability to learn new skills.

  • Hiring the ideal candidate can take less than 7 days and saves you the hassle of new hire paperwork
  • Experienced in full stack software, cloud development, and web development
  • Select from only the top 5%
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Avoid Delays And Bad Hires

Top Talent On Demand

We’ll replace your outsourced Tech Talent if you’re not totally satisfied. All Talent share our passion for customer satisfaction.

  • Cancel at any time
  • Month to month subscription
  • Vetted for YOU. Custom to YOU.
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Save Money, Gain Time

High Quality, Low Cost

Details matter when it comes to designing, testing, and implementing various software applications. Our Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Cloud and Web Developers are employed by us, so there’s no payroll, benefits, or costly overhead – just talent available when you need it.

  • Your own dedicated Cloud or Web Developer, Data Analyst, and Software Engineer – or a fully staffed team
  • Have continuous, direct communication
  • 75% less expensive than in-house employees
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Talent You Can Trust

A Community of Top Talent

All our Tech Talent are part of The ROOM community of top talent from across Africa. We provide rigorous training, professional development, and a community of ethical, principled business leaders.

  • Ongoing professional development based on your recommendations
  • Personal relationships with our talent, not anonymous transactions
  • Teams of specialized Cloud Developers, Web Developers, Data Analyst and Software Engineers are available
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Simple, Straightforward Pricing.

Choose the plan that's right for you.



Ideal for small businesses or specific projects.

  • 20 hours per week
  • One user
  • Shared Tech Talent
  • Direct communication



Perfect way to add flexible talent to your team.

  • 40 hours per week
  • Embedded into your team
  • Dedicated Tech Talent
  • Direct communication


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Need more than one person? Build a bespoke team of Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Cloud and Web Designers with different skills based on your needs.

  • Custom solutions
  • Flexible labor
  • No HR admin
  • 24/7 availability

About Our Talent

The ROOM is part of the African Leadership Group, which has selected, developed, and connected thousands of high-performing talent to the world’s most rigorous employers over the last 17 years. Our lifelong community consists of talent from the world’s fastest-growing economies, such as Africa; predicted to have the world’s youngest and largest workforce by 2035 and make up 40% of the global population by the end of this century.

Got Questions?

Can I set the working hours for the Tech Talent?

Yes, when you hire your Software Engineer, Data Analyst, or Cloud and Web Developer, you can dictate what hours you would like them to work. We can provide Talent that can work in your time zone.

What if I’m not satisfied with the Tech Talent?

What does the typical Tech Talent do for a client?

Will I be assigned to a pool of Tech Talent or one dedicated Talent?

What happens if the Talent and I don’t work well together?

How does my Tech Talent account for the work done? Manage time off or vacation?

What security measures are in place to protect me?

Will I be able to interview the candidate you pick for me?

I’ve never hired someone like this before. Can The ROOM help me have a successful experience?

What if I don’t use all of my hours?

What if you do such a great job of matching me, that I want to bring my Tech Talent on to my staff full time?

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