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11th November, 2021

Nairobi Career Catalyst

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    75% of Jobs are never advertised. We connect you to them

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    Access over 4,000 “hidden” jobs in Nairobi today


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    Participate in our 4-week Bootcamp to stand out in the job market

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    Get connected to job opportunities not advertised widely

    Discover over 4,000 hidden job opportunities in Kenya

    Research shows that 75% of jobs are not advertised and 80% are filled by word of mouth. When it comes to finding a job, “who” you know matters more than “what” you know. At The Room, we have already identified 4,000 ‘hidden’ vacancies in Kenya and are discovering more every day. We build relationships to help talented young people like you access these hidden opportunities.

    Build relationships to give you an edge over the competition

    Get connected with The Room’s community of experienced leaders at some of Kenya’s top companies. As you build meaningful relationships with them, you will uncover a range of opportunities that can help you accelerate your career.

    Over 2,000 opportunities in Nairobi

    Over 1,600 jobs in Banking, Oil and Energy

    13 average vacancies per organisation

    We have the experience and the network

    The Room is part of the African Leadership Group (which brought you African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, African Leadership Network, and ALX). Our Founder, Fred Swaniker, has been listed as ‘one of the 100 most influential people in the world’ by Time Magazine and we have relationships with thousands of CEOs and managers across Africa and the world. In the last 12 months alone, we have leveraged our powerful relationships to create work opportunities for over 10,000 young Africans. And we’re just getting started. Our ambition is to connect 2million youth to work opportunities by 2030. Join this movement to create opportunities for young Africans today.

    Unlocking hidden opportunities across Africa

    Thousands of employers are looking for young people to hire. We went door to door to speak to thousands of employers in 30 African cities. Here are some surprising facts we discovered.

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        Our Founder

        I believe that those of us who are privileged enough to be educated, healthy, and part of powerful networks should not be doing easy things. The only way to justify our privilege is to do the hard things that society demands of us — to solve tough problems and create opportunities for others. I launched The Room to bring the most ambitious ‘doers’ together to do these hard things that will change the world. I welcome you to be a part of our story and join this global community as we make history together.

        Fred Swaniker