Meet The ROOM Tech-Experts

Date: Thursday, 7th July 2022
Time: 5:30PM EAT
Event Duration: 60 minutes

The ROOM is excited to launch a new programme that will help our junior software development talent grow and develop their careers through exceptional learning opportunities brought to you by senior software engineers. In collaboration with the Rwandese Government, we are helping experience software engineers relocate to Kigali to live and work on the continent.

The first group of these experienced professionals joined The ROOM a  few weeks ago and have settled in as they kick off what will be a vibrant professional community.

This Thursday, 7th July 2022, we have a great opportunity to engage with Pavel Shastov, Nina Shastova and Leila Gasanova, and learn more about their respective professional journeys. Join us for this virtual session as they share their experiences and insights into what it takes to become a successful technology professional.

Register for this session today to book your slot for this exclusive online event and join us on Thursday starting from 5:30 pm EAT.

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Our Founder

I believe that those of us who are privileged enough to be educated, healthy, and part of powerful networks should not be doing easy things. The only way to justify our privilege is to do the hard things that society demands of us — to solve tough problems and create opportunities for others. I launched The Room to bring the most ambitious ‘doers’ together to do these hard things that will change the world. I welcome you to be a part of our story and join this global community as we make history together.

Fred Swaniker

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