The ROOM Discussion Club


Mike O’Brien

60 minutes with Q&A


16 August 2022





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The ROOM Discussion Club with Mike O'Brien: 2022-08-16

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The Discussion Club

The ROOM Discussion Club is a member-led initiative run by Mike O’Brien that kicked off earlier this year. At the beginning of each month, Mike shares literature that is relevant to our professional and personal development. Once a month, members of The ROOM have an opportunity to gather and share their thoughts, insights and opinions on the material they read. Reading is a great way to draw inspiration from and adapt to our ever-changing world.

The first season of these discussions revolved around storytelling and its importance to entrepreneurs, professionals and future leaders. Members of The ROOM were able to engage with inspiring works of literature such as The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall and The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell as well as journal articles and essays. Members were able to share with each other what they learned about storytelling and how they planned to use these lessons in their respective careers and personal lives.

We are excited to kick off season 2 of The ROOM Discussion Club in July 2022. The theme of this season will be “Leadership in the 21st Century” and we will be going through the elements that are important to be a successful leader in today’s world. Register now for this inspiring activity and get access to inspiring content to help you grow. You also get to connect with other members of the community who enjoy reading and together collectively learn from exemplary authors.

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Which content will we discuss in the next session?

For the next meeting of The Room’s Discussion Group, we are going to be focusing on Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen and specifically his blog post, It’s Time to Build.

Marc founded one of the first internet browser companies, Netscape which was acquired by AOL for $4.3bn and is now the CEO of one of the largest Venture Capital firms in the world, Andreessen Horowitz.

In the article, Marc addresses some of the challenges he believes the World is currently facing.  It is a call to action, challenging all of us to rethink how we are “Contributing to Society.”  Are we going through life simply maintaining the status quo or are we working every day to add value in our own unique ways?

Additional Optional Ressources:

Articles to Read:

Tomorrow’s Advance Man – A good overview of who Marc Andreessen is and his history.

Technology Saves The World

Find the smartest technologist in the company and make them CEO – Some thoughts on opportunities
over the next 20 years.

Podcasts to Listen to:

Reimagining Education and Making the Future

Selling Your Vision in the Real World

Lesson’s, Predictions and Recommendations from an Icon


Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a member of The ROOM and the Director of Research and Investment Strategy for AVR Asset Management in San Francisco, CA.  Over the past 20+ years he has invested in hundreds of IPOs and Small Cap Growth Companies.

He is also the founder of a leadership consulting firm, Independence Creek Advisors, focused on organizational dynamics and human nature.

Outside of his professional career he is married with 2 boys, an active member of The Room Community, a Co-Founder of An Evening for the SEALs and an Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation which supports transitioning Veterans and their families.