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About Young Entrepreneurs Programme Launch

It’s no myth that entrepreneurship contributes significantly to global development and economic growth. For example, small and medium businesses (SMEs) account for 90% of business and more than 50% of employment globally. However, there is limited access to support for entrepreneurs looking to successfully start a business and generate revenue.

In the Young Entrepreneurs Programme, powered by The Room, our mission is to bridge this gap by helping 100,000 entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses, generate revenue, and create 1 million jobs by 2030.

Our programme is designed to de-risk entrepreneurship for young Africans who have demonstrated a commitment to entrepreneurship and job creation in Africa.

With our six-week Launch programme, we have designed a free, online entrepreneurship experience that gives young African entrepreneurs the space and support to launch businesses and get their first paying customers.

What’s in it for you?

Dedicated support

Work with a dedicated coach to get personalized support to hit your business goals.

Community of high-calibre peers

Join a community of dedicated entrepreneurs you can connect with, learn from and grow with.

Masterclasses with
experienced entrepreneurs

Participate in intimate conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and learn from their journey.

Partnership and
Networking events

Attend curated events with entrepreneurship ecosystem enablers, including investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, hubs and accelerators.

Exclusive member benefits

Get access to our online resources, discounts on tools, products and services, and access to our pool of exceptional talent to work with you.

Curated self-paced content

Work on your business and set flexible times to engage with our self-paced content curated to help you build a profitable business.

What our Alumni have to say about our programme

This has been one of the best and most surreal experiences in my life, I’m not where I was 4 weeks ago. Many thanks and blessings to the Room team!!!

— Launch 2021 Participant

What our Alumni have to say about our programme

Shout out to YEP!!! For helping me find the sweet spot in my business! Gaintrips is growing due to your input!!! I am growing!!!

— Launch 2021 Participant

What our Alumni have to say about our programme

When I started this programme, my goal was to launch my business online and get more customers. In the end, I got some more customers online (Facebook and Instagram), I could say, I achieved something with this programme.

— Launch 2021 Participant

What our Alumni have to say about our programme

Thanks a lot for putting this programme together! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. I believe this has opened a world of possibility to me.

— Launch 2021 Participant

What our Alumni have to say about our programme

This programme has made me gain significant strides in my business. I appreciate it!

— Launch 2021 Participant


Who are we looking for?

If you answer yes to everything on this list, then this programme is just for you.

  • Are you 18 – 30 years old?
  • Are you an African living in Africa?
  • Are you the owner / founder / co-founder of a business?
  • Do you have a minimum viable product or service people can interact with now?
  • Is your business ready to launch in less than a month?
  • Can you commit at least 15 hours a week to actively working on their business?

To participate in our programme, you DO NOT have to...

  • …be a full-time entrepreneur
  • …have a team
  • …have previous entrepreneurship experience
  • …be building the scalable business
  • …be a future unicorn
  • …be a technology company

What to expect from the program

A cohort-based entrepreneurship experience that gets you to:

  • Launch. Set the goals and learn best practices to execute a successful launch plan.
  • Gaining Traction. Experiment with different strategies to attract prospective customers.
  • Always be selling. Get the frameworks and practice to close customers
  • Maintaining Momentum. Keep applying tactics to have a well running sales conversion engine for your business.
  • Show & Sell. Wrap up your Launch experience in a culminating demo day-styled event.

What it means to successfully complete our programme

A cohort-based entrepreneurship experience that gets you to:

  • Launch a business
  • Hit weekly milestones
  • Close at least one paying customer

Important Dates

  • Applications open: 13 October 2021
  • Applications close: 01 November 2021
  • Finalists contacted: 04 November 2021
  • Program start date: 08 November 2021
  • Program end date: 15 December 2021


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