The Global Tech Expert Visa

The Global Tech Expert Visa

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Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, Visa & Alibaba are all building a strong presence in Africa and you can too. Live and work in one of the fastest growing tech centers in the world!

Join these Senior Software Engineers in Africa’s Silicon Valley

Mentoring junior developers

“Moving to Rwanda as a Tech Expert in The Room has been such a swell experience. My trip and accommodation were lovely, and I’ve fallen in love with the people and scenery here. The weather is great and I’m glad to be able to wake up, and do what I love from such an amazing place. I’m also excited to be contributing to the global tech ecosystem by mentoring junior developers in The Room."

Leila Gasanova
Senior Software Engineer
Kigali, Rwanda

Influencing young African talents

“With The Room, I can directly influence thousands of young African talent, and help them settle in life as software engineers. This is very motivating. At the same time, I can continue doing my job and work I love. When we arrived in Rwanda, and met The ROOM's team we found ourselves in a very friendly and fun community. Our moving experience went smoothly, and we settled in nicely especially with our child joining the local nursery school."

Pavel Shastov
Senior Software Engineer
Kigali, Rwanda

Do work that really matters

The ROOM is developing millions of new software engineers, and giving you a chance to work with them on projects. Share your wisdom and expertise with the next generation of tech talent.

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What you need

  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer, architect, team lead, UX/UI designer, data scientist, scrum master, product manager or related technology fields
  • 2+ years of experience working with a global company
  • Basic fluency in English
  • A passion to share your knowledge with the next wave of tech talent

Support we provide

  • Air travel to Kigali, Rwanda
  • Relocation Support: Assistance in finding housing, healthcare, schools for your kids, etc.
  • 3 years Rwandan work visa as a Global Tech Expert
  • Tax benefits & incentives
  • Job matching to global employers (via The ROOM’s network)
  • A strong and caring community of talented, passionate technologists

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