How To Build An Entrepreneurial Mindset


Miles Kubheka

75 minutes with Q&A


10 August 2022


3pm GMT / 6pm EAT



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Entrepreneurial Mindset by Miles Kubheka - Formstack

How To Build An Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset is the special frame of mind that allows founders to solve problems, overcome obstacles and grow their businesses. However, this mindset is not just limited to startup builders alone. Employees and professionals can also apply an entrepreneurial mindset to create a bigger and better impact on their work: advancing their careers in the process.

We are honoured to have Miles Kubheka, a successful South African entrepreneur and founder of the Wakanda Food Accelerator, hosting our next Masterclass at The ROOM. In this session, Miles will dive into what it takes to succeed in building a business and how entrepreneurs and professionals alike can use the lessons he has learned building brands to excel in their individual journeys.

Whether you are looking for your next job opportunity, planning on starting a business or interested in innovation – this Masterclass is a great chance to learn more about disruptive ways of thinking and how you may apply this in your personal and professional life.

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Miles Kubheka

Having once been employed by a leading multinational, Microsoft, Miles Kubheka went out on a limb and ingeniously created a restaurant with the same name and branding as a fictional restaurant portrayed in a famous TV ad campaign. In doing so, he captured media stardom and soon translated his innovative thinking into entrepreneurial success. His restaurant grew to become a renowned brand in South Africa. He has also founded ventures in the healthcare industry and IT.

Miles is a firm believer that entrepreneurial mindsets can be fostered within organisations to achieve corporate success. He encourages organisations to build a culture that supports employees to become intrapreneurs: People who behave like an entrepreneur even while being employed.