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12 months. 70-120 hours a week. 5 Tracks.
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The basics — understanding programming languages and Unix systems work to see “what is going on under the hood”


Creating a complete web service from databases, back-end, and an amazing front-end website with the latest technologies


Beginning the Devops journey by building web infrastructure similar to the ones powering Tech powerhouse like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google


After the foundations, completing a career sprint program to better prepare for the real life complexities of employment in our world today


Choosing area of specialization in one of these fields- Front-end web development, Back-end web development, Devops & Machine learning

We've been developing world-
class talent for the past 17 years

We know the drill.

Fast Company #39 Most Innovative Company in The World, 2019

The Room is part of the African Leadership Group, which has selected, developed, and connected thousands of high-performing talent to the world’s most rigorous employers over the last 17 years. Our lifelong community is made up of talent from fast growing economies like Africa (which will have the world’s youngest & largest workforce by 2035, and make up 40% of the global population by the end of this century).

Over 30,000 talented individuals from 77 countries in our community

Join high-performing companies that trust us


We’re tapping into new sources of abundant talent

Today, the world has about 26 million Software Developers and only 700,000 are African. However, Africa is the youngest continent in the world with an average age of 19 and will make up 40% of the global population by the end of the century. Additionally, by 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world with a population size of 1.1 billion.

We are training this new breed of world-class, outstanding talent in Africa and connecting them to opportunities that allow them to create impact through their expertise!

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The perfect ‘talent stack’ for you.

We’re partnering with world class institutions to develop high-demand specialists for the future of work. We’re training over 50,000

Cloud Developers

Financial Analysts

Virtual Assistants

Business Intelligence Analysts

Cloud Developers

Agile businesses live in the Cloud. The world is going remote and workers require access from every corner of the earth. How are you sharing and protecting your business data? Cloud developers are software engineers with Cloud Computing specialization, who deploy your cloud systems and ensure that they are operating efficiently and securely. We’re training our CDs in Cloud fundamentals, Full stack apps on AWS, Monolith to Microservices at Scale, Develop & Deploy Serverless AppCloud fundamentals, Deploy Infrastructure as Code (IAC), Build CI/CD Pipelines, Monitoring & Logging, and Microservices at Scale Using Kubernetes

Financial Analysts

You don’t need another accountant. Most accountants tell you about the past. But what you need is to predict the future. Accountants give you a static view of your business. Yet you need real-time insight. Accountants think within very rigid rules (IFRS, GAAP etc). Yet as a startup, you need to think outside the box. As a result, most accounting is being automated. Working in partnership with the Corporate Finance Institute in Canada, we are training a pool of Financial Analysts to allow you to engage your board, investors, and management team with powerful insights.

Virtual Assistants

As a Founder, time may be your most valuable resource. Our Virtual Assistants can double or triple your capacity; helping you to do research, prepare you for meetings, manage your social media, email inbox, and calendar. They can be your ‘secret weapon’ that creates great slides for your board meetings, team meetings, and strategy retreats. The right VA lets you sleep more so you don’t burn out and they give you more time to think so you can make better decisions.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Are you keeping a pulse on the market that influences your business? Are you following the data? A Business Intelligence Analyst is a company essential in our big data driven world. They review market data, highlight trends and patterns, and create reports that help organizations make sound business decisions. We’re training our BIAs in business intelligence, data science fundamentals, statistics fundamentals, dashboards & data visualization, Python fundamentals and Excel